The World Changer’s Workout


Hi Readers! Today I’m over at Casual Runner where my friend Jake is sharing my new favorite workout with his readers. However you choose to leave a lasting impact on the world it’s important to care for your health. Perhaps my favorite workout will inspire one of your own! Some of us run for fun.

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How to spot an Ethical Business in 6 Questions (or less)

ethical business in 6-2

This is the second post in a series on how to evaluate retailers and shop responsibly. Check out the first post to learn about the bedrock of ethical shopping – fairly sourced raw materials. Today, it’s my job to help you navigate the many retailers available to you. Now that you know where to find a corporate statement

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A Giveaway with Green Creations

Green Creations

Today I get to introduce you to my friend Sarah Schepens and the poverty fighting work of Green Creations. UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Congratulations Katie Vance! You’ll be hearing from me soon!   Sarah and I met while we were in college. Today she lives in Jordan where she works as the Artistic Director for

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How Many Slaves Sustain Your Lifestyle?

How many slaves work for you?

How many slaves work for you? Was that awkward? Give that question a try the next time you take a friend to coffee and see what happens. Don’t blame me if they never say yes to your coffee invitation again. Not. My Fault. Here’s the deal. We learned about slavery in elementary school. We all understand it

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