Hosea: Family Matters

LIMITLESS-Family Matters

I’m sorry to leave you all hanging like this. Two weeks ago I had a solid four days away from my computer and responsibilities. It was glorious. Then last week we caught a cold and the whole house went into ‘hang-in-there’ mode. Then the washer quit working, as in dead with a load of clothes

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The Grass is Green – Here

The Grass is Green Here

Tucked behind the piano, heads bowed and lips moving my friends are praying at the corner of the stage. It’s almost time to begin. Women chat in hushed tones all over the room. Over a steaming cup of coffee they ask, “How are you?” and really mean it. At any given moment there is hugging and

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Hosea: Jezreel


Last week we looked a little closer at the kings mentioned in the first portion of Hosea. Today we’ll take a look at the first child born to Hosea and Gomer: Jezreel. From the last post: And now we see what’s going on. The problem isn’t only about poor leadership, although there was plenty of fault

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Hosea: Kings and Leaders

Hosea- Kings and Leaders

Hey Everyone! I’m excited to dive into Hosea with you. Before we go further I want to ask you to hang with me for these first few posts. The book of Hosea reads like a movie. All the chaos, mistakes, and judgment are right up front. We dive into an uncomfortable drama and if you’re like

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Inspiring Reads (and a Giveaway)

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‘Tis the season of heart shaped doilies, all things chocolate covered, flowers, pink, red, and love. It’s the perfect time to tell you how thankful I am for you. It’s such fun getting to know you here in this space and on Facebook. I love that we’re in this together and I’m so thankful for

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Limitless: A Study through Hosea

Limitless - Clock

This coming May I will be the speaker for a women’s retreat with the First Baptist Church in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I’m thrilled and honored to spend a weekend with the women there. I have thought, prayed, read and wondered what we would study together. Women of the bible? A little bit of Proverbs 31? Surely something encouraging and up-lifting. “Read

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