Is it Possible to Shop Ethically at Target? And Other Shopping Insights

Shop Responsibly at Target

We’re almost done with our ethical shopping series. My hope is that you’ve gained a clearer understanding of what it means to shop ethically and found some way to make it practical for your family. Today I’d like to share with you four insights I have learned while shopping that helped me make informed choices.   1.

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A Simple Step to Finding Joy on Tough Days – A Guest Post

The DMV, Elusive Coffee and Rainbows

It wasn’t one of those days… at least not until 3:16 pm.  That’s when school let out, and my role as “teacher” ended for the day. I had places to go, but this traffic getting out of school, this was why I usually wait until 4:00 to leave campus.  And where did I get to go

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Why Whataboutery Matters


Last week Katherine Willis Pershey published a post at the Art of Simple called On Whataboutery. It was thought provoking and, at first, left me thinking, “Yeah, she’s right.” Yet, as these things sometimes go, her words wouldn’t let me go. I applaud her point that it does no good to heap shame and guilt on one another in the

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4 Hurdles to Ethical Living (And How to Overcome Them)

Hurdles 4

She sat across from me at the table as her children played with mine. “I went to Kenya several years ago and it wrecked my life. I just don’t know how to live here anymore.” As my friend shared her story I began to realize that the tension between living in this culture and caring for a hurting

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Gratitude 2

I’m not going to rant about the Christmas decorations in Costco before it was officially fall. I’m not going to tell you how we almost ran into a life sized nutcracker two weeks before Halloween. I’m not going to write on and on about how we seem to forget what we have to focus on all we want. I’m

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Ethical Shopping: A Practical Approach

Ethical Shopping

Hey guys! I am Jessica of Notes From A Thoughtful Life and I am so honored to be part of this series on ethical shopping! Andrea invited me to share my ethical guidelines and how I make fair and thoughtful purchases. Honestly? It’s a work in progress. About 18 months ago I started learning more

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The World Changer’s Workout


Hi Readers! Today I’m over at Casual Runner where my friend Jake is sharing my new favorite workout with his readers. However you choose to leave a lasting impact on the world it’s important to care for your health. Perhaps my favorite workout will inspire one of your own! Some of us run for fun.

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