A Little Something You Need: Giveaway

Something you Need

Well this has been so much fun! I have enjoyed introducing you to a few of the companies out there doing fabulous things for our world. Today is our last giveaway, A Little Something You Need. And what do we all need… Coffee and chocolate! Because of the widespread demand for coffee and chocolate their supply

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A Little Something You Want: Giveaway

something you want

If you’ve been reading Intentional Jane for a while you know that earlier this year I entered a contest to go to Rwanda with Noonday Collection. I didn’t make it on the trip but I sure had a blast sharing the excitement with you and my friends on Facebook. Since this summer I’ve hosted a Noonday

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A Little Something to Read: Giveaway

refuse to do nothing

I have a few books about poverty and slavery, not quite a library but more than a nightstand can hold. Some have made me angry enough to want to get involved, some I’ve had to close because the mental images were too much. Only one has left me feeling like I had the power to make

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A Little Something to Wear: Giveaway

a little something to wear

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know I’ve hinted around at a Christmas Giveaway. I love giving things away here on the blog. It’s a fun way to introduce you to some amazing products and to thank you for reading. In our house we simplify holiday shopping by giving our children something to wear,

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Joel and the $7 Gift

Natalie's Post

Last week my friend Natalie posted some beautiful photos of her family on her Facebook page. Their family of four officially became a family of eight when the adoption of four siblings from Ethiopia was completed. Natalie and her family are amazing. It has been a joy and inspiration to watch as they have experienced

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Because We All Feel Small Sometimes

we all fee small

I feel small. If my number of followers on social media are any indication, I am small. We all feel small at times. I have fears. I fear no one is listening. I fear I will spend my time writing about how to build a generation of world changers and change won’t happen. I fear being ineffectual.

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Is it Possible to Shop Ethically at Target? And Other Shopping Insights

Shop Responsibly at Target

We’re almost done with our ethical shopping series. My hope is that you’ve gained a clearer understanding of what it means to shop ethically and found some way to make it practical for your family. Today I’d like to share with you four insights I have learned while shopping that helped me make informed choices.   1.

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